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Listen up club kids! Disco and clubbing deserve a purely euphoric delivery. That's what we are here for.

Prepare to surrender to the hypnotic rhythm of the night at our new party inspired by the legendary Studio 54. We are excited to showcase the era of disco, glittery, and campy fun with our Studio 69 party. So whether you had the chance to experience Studio 54, have dreamt of being able to experience it, or have never even heard of it – come join us and lose yourself in the pulsating beats all night long. Dance the night away and dress to impress on Friday, February 2nd

Make sure to come dressed in your best outfit and join New York City DJ Joey With the Mustache, as well as local favorite Fish House Funk, on the dance floor for an evening of the best upbeat disco sounds. 

Studio 69's goal is to create a vibrant inclusive environment, where all can express themselves while having a blast, and get swept away by the power of music. Our gay disco party aims to forge unforgettable connections, empower individuality, and create a space where people from all walks of life can come together to share an unforgettable night filled with fashion, dancing, and best of all: DISCO

General Terms

All items are non-refundable, all sales are final.

Refund Policy
ALL SALES ARE FINAL: There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges.
Age Restriction

Events are restricted to patrons 21+ unless otherwise stated.