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2 years of fetisch gear...

2 years of qweer fun...

2 years of goth djs spinning sex musik...

2 years of cage dancing...

2 years of Safe Word!

We're celebrating 2 years of sexy events by busting out the birthday suits. Nips, tips and holes covered but otherwise dress like you're planning to get arrested for indecent exposure. Don't actually get arrested. We do have a coat check.

Registration Form

If you're looking for the registration form link (see below), CLICK HERE. You can access the form to pre-print and bring to the event, but forms will also be available at the door.

Safe Word FAQ

We continue to compile information to help you understand what Safe Word is, prepare for it accordingly, and have a great time while you’re here. Please read the following carefully!


• What kind of party is this, exactly?

• What is the dress code?

• Who can attend this party?

• What are the rules?

• What is the COVID vaccination policy for this party?


This is not a play party, though 'light' play is both permitted and encouraged (see below). This is a social event in which to enjoy your kink and fetish personas.

In-bounds Play

☆ cosplay

☆ dom/sub role play

☆ light impact (floggers/tails)

☆ shibari (on the floor)

☆ wax (at demo station only)

Out-of-bounds Play

☆ sharp/medical play

☆ electro play

☆ breath play

☆ high impact play (e.g., whips)

☆ bodily fluids


You must wear some form of fetish gear. Due to the nature of the Birthday Suit theme, we will not be offering Voyeur tickets for this Safe Word. Only Fetish Gear tickets will be available for purchase. If you arrive in voyeur attire, you will be turned away at the door.

If you bring part or all of your party outfit in a bag, upon entering you must go directly to a restroom, change your clothes, then proceed directly to the coat check to secure your bag. It is prohibited to carry any bag larger than a standard purse in the party.

There will be a clothing check available for $5 per person. Tickets for coat check can be prepurchased.


You must be 21 or older to enter this party.

Please note that SafeWord is actively engaged with the local kink/fet community to maintain awareness of bad actors, and we staff our party with DMs who maintain awareness of bad actors.


Please read all of the rules carefully to ensure the safety of all patrons, performers, and staff.

At the door you will be required to show identification and sign a form affirming your compliance with the following behaviors (list below). This form is available as a PDF (link above), which you can print and fill out in advance if you like, but you will still have to show valid identification at the door.

• You understand that staff at the event are wearing a green glowstick on a lanyard around their neck. If at any time you feel unsafe, need assistance, or want to report problematic activity, you can and should approach with confidence anyone wearing a green glowstick.

• If you bring part or all of your party outfit in a bag, upon entering you must go directly to a restroom, change your clothes, then proceed directly to the coat check to secure your bag. It is prohibited to carry any bag larger than a standard purse in the party.

• You understand that dungeon monitors (DMs) are on duty at this party (also wearing a green glowstick on a lanyard around their neck), serving as an educational resource and safeguarding compliance with all the policies elaborated here along with common standards of conduct and safety. If you are directed by a DM to modify your behavior, you will comply immediately.

• You will treat all sexual orientations and gender identities with courtesy and respect, including using correct pronouns and defaulting to they/them if you are not sure of someone’s pronouns. Don't know someone's pronouns? Ask!

• You will not use your phone for any reason in any public area of the party for the duration of the event. You will record no images or video while inside the club, and if you witness anyone doing so, you will immediately bring this to the attention of the staff. You will keep all cameras on your personal devices covered with tape while you are in the party, and you will go into the explicitly designated (with signs) photo area, a restroom, or outside the building if you want to use your phone for any reason.

• You will follow commonly established standards of consent, including obtaining permission to touch or engage in any form of contact, and the firm rule that anyone who is visibly under the influence of a controlled substance cannot give their consent. You will support the physical and emotional well-being of everyone here, including instantly stopping any activity if someone withdraws their consent.

• You will respect the right of everyone at the party to control what is publicly known about them – meaning that after you leave the party, you won’t share details of anything you witness while you are here.

• Failure to comply with these terms will result your expulsion from the party without a refund and subjection to potential bans from other Safe Word parties and other events at The Wicked Witch, Ruby Deluxe, and the Night Rider.

• If anything happens at the party which causes you grievance, you will engage with the owner of the Wicked Witch in good faith that your grievance will be considered seriously and that you will be treated with respect.


Masks are encouraged, but they may not be optimal for certain activities at this party. You should attend with the assumption that masking will not be universal at this party.


General Terms

All items are non-refundable, all sales are final.

Refund Policy

All items are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Age Restriction

Events are restricted to patrons 21+ unless otherwise stated.