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An EP release party to celebrate: The Big Finish, by Weeder's Digest. Featuring 11 to Midnight; only at Ruby Deluxe and brought to you by Midknight Cowgirl Booking.

Formed in Raleigh NC, Weeder's Digest is an indie rock band composed of Nick B Weaver, Drew Hutchins, Logan Newsome, and Cameron McClellan. With the Raleigh music scene being primarily a mish-mash of cover bands, hip-hop, metal, and singer-songwriters, Weeder's Digest seeks to break the mold. With an authentic modern rock sound that takes a touch of pop lyricism, southern affectation, 90's alternative, and real human emotion, the band is redefining what it means to be a rock outfit on the southern side of the east coast. The band has been praised for being easy to work with, quick to load in and out, energetic performers, and approachable but not watered-down songwriting. Performances to date include a 30 minute set at The Night Rider in Raleigh that was attended by 30+ people and Nick's parents, a pop-up show at PS37 in Durham, a triple-header at Bond Bros Eastside attended by 45+ people (thanks Daring For Glory!), and even opening for The Coyotes at Neptunes! Compliments for these performances have included at least one "BEST BAND NAME EVER" from the host of each venue, and a hearty handshake coupled with a "thanks so much for coming out! Please come back!" Weeder's Digest is currently in production of their first ever EP, set to include 4 (possibly 5) of their original songs. Their first single, Mastodon, is available to stream on all major platforms, including Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes, and Google Play.

 We are 11 to Midnight! Raleigh's #1 band for sick riffs, dueling vocals, and making your friends jealous that they didn't find us before you did. Stay tuned on all our pages for sneak peeks, behind the scenes, and your chance to win a BRAND NEW favorite band! [NOTE: the above is from the band's Bandcamp; I thought it was a little plain, so here's my version of their bio] Tick- tick- tick- too late: That's the sound of you missing out on being a day one stan for 11 to Midnight, the premier Raleigh band for sick riffs, dueling vocals, and feeling super good about yourself for finding a dope new emo-rock-metalcore-pop-punk band before your friends did. Taste those juicy riffs, smell the dank grooves, and feel the crunch of our vocals as our songs tear into your eardrums and rip you apart from the inside- in the best way possible! 11 to Midnight fuses the catchy songwriting and tongue-in-cheek lyricism of pop-punk with the aggressive, unapologetic energy and sound of metalcore. DO NOT miss your chance to tell your friends "I found 11 to Midnight before they were cool, and before the lead singer and drummer simultaneously combusted during that performance in Japan (RIP in peace)." 

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