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Step into the wild at JUNGLE at the Philly's most adventurous nightclub - Concourse. Enjoy a tropical paradise where the hypnotic rhythm of tribal beats merges with pulsating techno, awakening the primal spirit in everyone. Guests become the attraction, serving fierce, jungle-inspired looks. Tempt yourself with the exotic, specially curated cocktails, and let their magical jungle nectar tease your senses. Are you a tiger, or a bare-chested Tarzan?
We have teamed up once again with Circuit Mom to give you a night you won't forget! As the official party of OURFest 2023
Opening DJ Jace M, Main DJ Las Bibas from Brazil
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All items are non-refundable under any circumstances.

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Events are restricted to patrons 21+ unless otherwise stated.

Miscellaneous Policies
By purchasing this ticket for the "Jungle" event, you acknowledge and provide consent that any photographs or videos captured of you during the event by BOS Philly or its affiliates can be used for promotional purposes, including on our website and other marketing materials. Your ticket purchase signifies your agreement to release all rights and claims to said photos and videos, understanding they remain the sole property of BOS Philly.