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Aug 10, 2024 at 3:00 PM

Washington Hall
153 14th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

Ticket Information
No glitter, paint, alcohol, drugs, or firearms are allowed in the event. In case of cancellation of the event, a full refund will issued. This ticket purchase permits entry only and not guaranteed seating.




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General Terms
One ticket sale permits only one patron. Please note that you must present proof of ticket purchase upon entry into event. If not, door priced tickets will be available. No drugs, alcohol, firearms, glitter, paint, confetti are permitted into the space. Physical harm or disruption of the event will result in removal from the event with no refund of ticket, paid table, or any combination of the sort. In addition, if part of a ballroom house and cause disruption or physical harm of any kind, you and your entire house will be escorted out with no refunds of any kind.
Refund Policy
Refunds will issued if requested 5-10 days prior to event. If not, no refund will be issued.
Cancellation Policy
In the case of event cancellation, a full refund will be issued to original method of payment.
Age Restriction
16+ and up are welcomed. IDs are required. COVID-19 Vaccine cards are a must.
Event Summary
For The Culture Ball 3 is a ballroom event and one of a kind experience within the PNW. For The Culture celebrates ballroom culture, uplifts the QTBIPOC community, and generates access to community resources.
Event Details

Julian Everett Presents For The Culture Ball 3


Washington Hall

153 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

Online Tickets: $35.00

Door Tickets: $50.00 (Cash Only)

House with the Most Points Wins $10,000

Houses will select a primary and secondary color for their house to wear and compete from this list. If your primary color is picked by another house, your secondary color will become your primary color. This is on a first come first serve basis. Due date for color submission is February 1, 2024:
















 If you are a 007, your effect must be black with a touch of white. If your house doesn’t have a color, wear ALL Black. Fashion categories participants can mix of all colors. 007s do have the option to give their points to any house of their choice.

In addition to the house with the most points grand prize of $10k, select categories have grand prizes for the overall winner/winners for that said category. Winners of subcategories will battle for the cash. If in the same house, winners in subcategories will not have battle.

New Performance-1 Point

New Runway-1 Point

New Face-1 Point

Commentator vs Commentator-1 Point

 OTA Realness-3 Points ($4,000)

Pretty Boy-2 Points

Thug-2 Points

Executive-2 Points

School Boy-2 Points

Everyday2 Points

Transman-2 Points

 Butch-2 Points

BQID-2 Points

Fem Queen-2 Points

Legendary-2 Points

Icon-2 Points

OTA Best Dressed-3 Points ($2,000)

Male Figure-2 Points

Female Figure-2 Points

OTA Sneaker vs Sneaker-2 Points ($500)

OTA Runway-3 Points ($2,000)

Small Boys-2 Points

Tall Boys-2 Points

Big Boys-2 Points

BQID-2 Points

FQ-2 Points

Women-2 Points

Male Figure All-American-2 Points

Female Figure-All-American-2

Legendary-2 Points

Iconic-2 Points

OTA Face-3 Points ($2,000)

BQ-2 Points

FQ-2 Points

BQID-2 Points

GNC-2 Points

Women-2 Points

Legendary-2 Points

Iconic-2 Points

OTA Performance-3 Points ($3,000)

BQ Soft and Cunt-2 Points

BQ Dramatics-2 Points

RWT-2 Points

BQID-2 Points

FQ-2 Points

Old Way-2 Points

New Way- 2 Points

Legendary-2 Points

Iconic-2 Points

Women Performance-4 Points ($5,000)

Let’s make some history. Women walking performance will not have to compete with other subcategories of the OTA Performance category. Also, any women that are Legendary and/or Icon may compete.

OTA Sex Siren-3 Points ($2,000)

FQ-2 Points

Women-2 Points

Catboy-2 Points

Junior-2 Points

Senior-2 Points

Transman-2 Points

Legendary-2 Points

Iconic-2 Points

OTA BODY ($500)-3 Points
Transmen-2 Points

Women-2 Points

FQ Luscious-2 Points

BQ Swimmers-2 Points 

BQ Models-2 Points

BQ Muscular-2 Points

MF Legends-2 Points

MF Icons-2 Points

FF Legends-2 Points

FF Icons-2 Points

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